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July 3, 2017 Amazon began offering Life in a Box in both paperback and e-book format. Follow this link for direct access, The e-book is also available on 

Reviews and Testimonials

  “This book could be called fascinating, but that’s not even close to the reality of the entangled relationships and intriguing story this novel brings to the reader. Beautifully written, I highly recommend it.” Ginnie Siena Bivona, author of Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party and The Secret Lives of Ordinary Women. 

Incredibly lyrical like the beautiful symphony of a constant breeze ruffling the palms. Lovely, yet powerful – with the force and impact of a hurricane. The character development creates friends that you want to keep forever in your circle. The descriptions paint a poignant backdrop for the story to develop and come to life. You will fall in love with this family and wonder what secrets your own might hold.” MN Spafford Stanky lecturer, reading specialist, founder of two bookclubs, library volunteer. 

Life in a Box is a literary masterpiece. You will encounter characters that are so clearly defined you will love them, maybe even recognize them, but you will not forget them. Historical eras combine with complexity, intrigue and blend with familiarity…a roller coaster ride until the end. Life in a Box is beautifully written, a colorful page-turner indeed.” Patti Branco entrepreneur, author of The Path to Million Dollar Production. 

“In Life in a Box, JoDee Neathery presents a narrative of two families united by marriage and a daughter who is charged by her mother to chronicle their story. In the process, secrets emerge that alter the very fabric of previously held beliefs. The result is a tapestry woven with love, betrayal, joy, tragedy, humor, melancholy, and an infusion of mystery. It begs the question, ‘Would we want the opportunity to examine our life in a box?’ The question is not easily answered and will resonate for many years to come.” Penny Barshop, High school English Literature teacher, specializing in the study of the American novel. 


Check out a link to Book Viral for a recent review of Life in a Box,

 Ankita Shukla for Readers' Favorite offered a five star review saying,  "the author has a very smart way of writing...right from the beginning she built up the suspense that there was a shocking secret that would shake the core of the two families. Although the secret enticed me to select this book for review, it wasn't what kept me hooked to the plot; rather, it was the wide range of emotions, realistic problems, and charismatic characters that forced me to keep my reading glasses on until reaching the last page...recommended to readers who like to live life with the characters of the book and not just read about them." 


The novel is on the bookshelves of Paragraphs on Padre Boulevard, is part of The Last Bookstore in Tyler's inventory on their abe.books account, is available by special request at 600 Barnes & Noble stores and on, Book People in Austin is carrying 10 copies on consignment, Flintridge Bookstore & Coffeehouse  and Book Soup in Southern California are carrying copies on consignment also. W Haus Decor, Gun Barrel City, Texas has stocked six copies on consignment.

Texas Book Festival in Austin on November 4 & 5 have included the novel in the Writer's League of Texas booth and extended the opportunity to participate in a book signing.  


Elizabeth Strout lit the fire that started this journey with her positive comments of a book review I wrote on Olive Kitteridge. Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants. I hope someday she realizes how grateful I am.

About JoDee Neathery

At the urging of my book club members and a burning desire to write a novel, I've completed my dream. Five years in the making LIFE in a BOX is a reality. People have asked why now? I'm not sure but I think you have to have the courage to fail before you tackle the unknown. I hope everyone who reads the book will take something away from it and know my heart is embedded deep inside the words.

If I could offer a piece of advice to anyone who is thinking they are too old or too young to  broaden your horizons, I would say... don't be defined by the limitations others put on you. 

Feedback welcomed

I think every author wants to know if what they have written resonates with the reader. I think it's important to  connect with those who have taken the time to read the words. We want to know the characters you connected with, loathed, or didn't understand their role in the novel itself. My contact information is on this site and I look forward to hearing from you.